What Is A Rake In Poker?

Do you have a penchant for poker gaming? If so, then you need to be aware of the rake in poker. Do you know what is a rake in poker? Every player at the poker table has to be aware of rake in poker. The rake in poker is a poker gaming fee charged by online poker sites and online casinos. The rake fee covers overheads and costs of operation. Even though the rake fee takes a toll on the players’ bankroll, there are quite a few tactics for avoiding the excessive fee payment. If you are trying to figure out what is taking rake in poker, then read on to gain more information about rake in poker.

How is Rake Collected/Calculated?

Online casinos employ different methods for the collection of rake fees in poker. The most common methods of collecting the rake fee from the poker players are listed below:-

Pot Rake

The online casino charges the rake fee by collecting directly from the pot. The dealer takes the poker chips out from the pot during the gaming session and puts them in a secured box. The whole process happens automatically at online casinos. The rake amount is collected incrementally in between the betting rounds. The pot rake is the most prevalent method for the collection of rake in poker.

Dead Drop

In this method of collecting the rake, the player’s fee is placed on the dealer button. The dealer takes the fee before dealing out of cards in the game.

Fixed Fees

This method of collecting the rake fee does not depend on the pot size of the poker game. The fee for every hand has a fixed rate and is duly collected by the dealer.

Time Collection

Also known as a timed rake, time collection refers to the method of collecting the rake fee at every half an hour interval during the poker gaming session. There are two ways of acquiring the time collection rake fee, as listed below:-

Player time: A fixed amount of fee is collected from every player.
Time pot: A fixed amount of fee is taken from the first pot of the game over a particular time.

Subscription Fees

There are quite a few online poker sites that impose a monthly subscription fee. These poker sites do not rake separate tournaments or pots.

Tournament Fees

Online poker rooms organize tournaments and set an entrance fee that is considered as the rake fee. The players pay the fee for participation that is collected as a rake fee by the dealers.


It is very important to be aware of the rake fee while gambling at the poker table. If the rake fee is too high, then it is recommended to play poker in a tighter style.

Usually, two situations demand significant adjustments in high-raked poker games. These situations are 3-betting and big blind.

Experts advise major adjustment of gaming strategy to save the wins from the rake fee. One should exercise extra care while gambling at live poker games at the best poker rooms in Las Vegas.

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