Advantage players pulling down casino profits, study reveals

Acres Manufacturing Company has used its Video Poker Analyzer tool to understand how Advantage players manipulate the loyalty rewards program and gain disproportionate shares. Incidentally, the company is into manufacturing new-age customer loyalty technology and solutions targeting casino operators.

The APs were responsible for bringing down operators’ profits by 25.64% in video poker while the study was being conducted. Over and above that, more than two thirdAPs came in for huge profits. The group consists of 26% of video poker coi-in, with the loyalty program of the casino releasing big amounts of money to the APs, as compared to the ordinary players.

According to the poker news, there is some relief for the operators, knowing that the group comprises only one percent of the poker-playing crowd. The survey studied three million hands, with the participation of 1,000 APs in the Las Vegas gaming sector. 

Last year, the casinos in Nevada collected almost $30 billion in sales. There was also the gross gaming revenue (GGR) angle, along with slots and various gaming mechanisms with regard to the video poker section. They managed to accrue the maximum part of the income generated.

Casino operators favor gaming gadgets as they come with less labor costs and other overheads compared to table games. This is the reason behind the introduction of added gaming gadgets such as video poker machines. 

In Vegas, video poker is the favorite choice of most players, but there is always the threat of the APs, although they are few. The casinos are being advised to limit the rewards associated with the loyalty program so that the rewards are more or less evenly distributed.

In recent times, casino gaming has become dependent on technology. As per Acres, its Video Poker Analyzer studies decision-making patterns and, for every wrong move, attaches a dollar to it. Ultimately, the dollars are counted, and ways are brought forward to control the manipulation factor. 

An operator using the VPA can increase his income by 45% and stem the opportunities provided to APs to misuse the system.

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