The Art Called – “Card Counting”

An Ironical Throbbing Craft that is Under Speculation since the 1960s and still under discussion in 2020!

There are so many questions around Card Counting. It has been attacked and defended since the 1960’s. Ironically it has remained a hot topic since then, and the idea that we are covering an article about it talks about its importance and need. So what is the story around card counting that is catching so many eyeballs? In this article, we have busted many myths, explored many facts, and tried to bring the bare truth. So without wasting any time, here we go!

What is Card Counting?

Card Counting is a card game strategy played in Casinos worldwide which is mainly used in blackjack games such as contract bridge or spades. It is also known as card reading.

This strategy basically guesses if the next hand will give a possible advantage to the gambler or to the dealer. People expert in this strategy have an upper hand at the game. This long-established card game trick brings them the possibility to lower the inherent casino house edge. They do so by continuously running checks on all the spike and dip-valued cards played by a gambler. Card counting is basically a sense of power that allows gamblers to face less risk while betting more. It helps the players to minimize losses in unfavorable counts as the players can change the gaming decisions with the remaining cards.

Does Card Counting still work?

Card counting, in a way, foolproofs the players from losing, and which casino would like to get tables turned to it? That is why speculations like- Is card counting still working? Is learning this skill a waste? Would casinos change the rules of the games altogether? Can face-expression recognition software take care of it? Can shuffles machines help?

Contrary to the fear of card counting getting obsolete or defeated and that people can’t make money through it, one of the blackjack expert player vouches that card counting can earn many people a handsome yearly amount that can easily range from 400 K to 500 K U.S Dollars. In the expert’s personal experience, he has managed to earn around 100 K U.S. Dollars on a yearly basis.

Is Card Counting dead?

In the expert’s opinion, there are many casinos where the player can earn money through Card Counting, and very little has changed over the past decades despite advancement in the casino arena. Card Counting has been there since the 1960s. The speculation around it has been the same since all these years. It is not that Casinos have not changed anything; yes, they absolutely have! Yet Card Counting is maintaining its strong grounds.

Can you make money from Card Counting?

Yes, you can make money through Card Counting. There are many casinos, both nationally and internationally, that offer beatable blackjack games. With the advancement in casinos and casinos investing in blocking the ‘advantage gamblers,’ the approach has to be honed to make it more detailed and focused, but the good news is that card counters can make money for sure. Many independent cardholders make more than 100 K U.S. Dollars per year. Card Counting, as viable it was a decade ago, is still equally alive and viable.

There are casinos that try and block high earning card counters, but not every casino is doing that. There are card counters who are earning as high as 10 K to 600 K U.S Dollars in profits despite ‘some’ casinos trying to block card counters. So, one needs to overstep the fear of casinos outplaying the Card Counting skill.

Card Counting as a skill is not easy or difficult. It is a craft that needs practice, like any other craft. Card counting can be learned by anyone who wishes to walk this path. The earning routes for card counters are still a viable option, and by no means, they can’t earn impressive profits as stated above. Therefore, Card Counting is very much alive. Just work your way around, and you are good to go!

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