Tips And Tricks To Win On Slot Machines


Today, casinos maintain more slot machines than the rest of the games they offer. People have been gambling with the hope to strike a jackpot. It is an impossible feat that has attracted recreational and hard-core gamblers for a hundred and forty years. Slots are the most popular attraction, be it the brick or mortar or the online version of the casino. 

Secret Tips and Tricks

There are secrets to winning on slot machines. Not all slots are built alike. The slots have a certain way of functioning, and they do not reward the same. To make a wiser gambling choice, to get a decent payout, the gamblers need to be aware of a few loopholes, secrets, tips, and tricks.

  1. All slots payout differently

All slot machines are not designed the same way to give the same type of results. In other words, they all give different rates of payout. The classic reel shots payout more than the video slots as they are not only cheaper to maintain, but are not that appealing to the gamblers. Video slots are built to attract with their unique themes, so the casinos bring down the payout rate. Conversely, since the classic shots do not appeal to people anymore, so the casinos raise the payout rate. It is beneficial to look up the slot payout rates online, especially for the more popular gaming sites.

  1. Class 2 slots Vs. Class 3 Slots

The class 2 slots do not quite qualify as the slots. These slots are a very poor mimic of the best slot machines in Las Vegas. Wagerers play Class 3 slot machines at upscale casinos like Vegas that need a license. In the lower standard casinos, a wagerer gets to play the Class 2 slot machines that try to copy the Class 3 slots, but in essence, they are bingo games that are preprogrammed. Such sites do not have permission by the jurisdiction to have the class 3 slots, so they put up a preprogrammed version that appears like actual slots. Many of the Class 2 slots have small bingo cards at the screen bottom.

  1. Gamblers Play the Big Progressive Jackpots at Different Locales

Have had the opportunity to come across a slot machine that is a progressive jackpot offering a mouthwatering payout of millions of US dollars. You should know that it has that many players chasing it nationwide. It is not a jackpot that is being offered by the casino you are gambling at currently. In reality, people are contesting for the jackpot, linked over a labyrinth of thousand-raised-to-the-power machines. Such jackpots intensely attract millions of newbies and seasoned gamblers alike who want to try their luck. But the casino you are playing at lets you think that you are the only contestant at the moment and competing against the spin. The big progressive jackpot machines take a small cut from each of your bets, putting it to the major jackpot. The chances to win such jackpots are like playing with destiny and hoping for the life-changing moment where you may win the unthinkable. Which is fine, if that is what you came for.

  1. Opt for Max betting

One of the best winning slot machine secrets is to opt for Max betting. Your logical mind will conflict, but it remains a fact. Max betting does not only activate all jackpots and bonuses but also one’s chances of winning as well. The casinos want you to be oblivious to the fact and keep wagering for the lower incentives with the worst payout rate that generates more income for them. But play safe and do not bet over your bankroll. If the max bet challenges your pocket, then choose a machine with a smaller max-bet.


Secrets to winning on slot machines include knowing that all slots are not built alike and offer different payout rates. Video slots attract wagerers, but it is the classic shots that offer a raised payout rate. The big progressive jackpots are being played by wagerers across the nation, so stay away. Your best chances in winning lie in max bets.

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