Satellite-winner “Mcdavid97” Hoping for $395k Payday in GGpoker Super Million$

GGpoker super million$ has started the 48th edition this year. The game started with 191 players and, by May 9, 2021, reached the final 9. On May 10, all the nine players returned to their respective seats to find the final Super MILLION$. This year the Super MILLION$ will take away $394,852 prize money. The announcement of the Super MILLION$ will take place within this week. 


GGpoker super million$ has been taking place for the last forty-seven years. In 2023, the event would have its 50th edition. This is something historic as maintaining fair play and keeping trust alive for these many years is not an easy thing to achieve. GG poker anticipates that they will continue to succeed as they have all these years.


This year, GGpoker was left with a $90,000 overlay, and the reason behind this is 191 players who left a $2 million guarantee short. Out of all, only the top 20 players got to the $2 million. Matthias Eibinger secured 21st place and was returned empty-handed. 


Super MILLION$ Final Chip Counts Table-


  • At the 9th place, Fabrice Touil of Morocco settled with 657,289 chips. 
  • The 8th position was secured by Preben Stokkan of the United Kingdom with 1,086,480 chips. 
  • Idris Ambraisse, who hails from Morocco, secured the 7th spot with 1,351,343 chips. 
  • With 1,621,964 chips, Canadian player Ami Barer secured the 6th position. 
  • Canadian player Guillaume Nolet was in 5th place with 1,918,648 chips. 
  • DaiMing141319 of UAE got 2,467,314 and was at the 4th spot. 
  • The top third place was secured by Canadian player Mike Watson with 3,022,892. 
  • The second place was also covered by the citizen of Canada named Daniel Dvoress with 3,254,568 chips. 
  • With a total of 3,719,502 chips, McDavid97, who hails from Canada, grabbed the first position. 

McDavid97 secured his seat for only $525. The player is making a huge profit out of his investment. All nine finalists are now guaranteed $61,387. Out of them, there would be one winner rolling the amount between $400,000 — $394,852, to be exact.

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