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Learning poker can be tough with different scenarios and strategies. One of the toughest and most prevalent is to play a hand against a player on the Button after three-betting from 2.5-7.55BBs. While learning to play the position can be tough, WPT GTO can help players get through such situations.


A three-betting range from Small Blind is linear and narrow. It mostly comprises hands that are in the higher portion of the Button’s starting hand range. However, as the range is wide and the player has made a small unfamiliar raise, the Button will get compelling odds to continue with the opening hand range.


In this case, the Button should proceed with a large portion range. It allows the player to have a range advantage on the flop that leads to a high c-betting trend. It is common to see the c-bet flop trend almost every time. The major exceptions, in this case, are when the dealer flips a complete board lock on the flop. A good example would be drawing two top pairs or top sets or extreme coordination and connection on the board.


As the c-betting patterns are prevalent under such situations, it is crucial to prepare a barreling strategy. If not, the Button will exploit the player with frequent floating and raising. It means bluffing with a nut and equity heads-up or barreling with both values. As the pot is three-bet preflop and the stakes are commencing at 40BBs, the chances of all-in bets will increase.


Players can avail of the WPT GTO Trainer to understand such settings and play them well. Studying GTO does not require extreme knowledge, funds, or time. It is a simple learning process, which even beginners can access.

Benefits of Using the WPT GTO Trainer

The primary reason to avail of the trainer is playing real-life hands with solutions. The opponent in these situations plays perfectly with a different preflop setting for tournament and cash play. Therefore, the trainer is ideal for any player trying to learn and get better at poker.


Users merely need a valid e-mail address to get started and witness the strategies in real-time. Moreover, the registration process is free, and it can unlock 4 billion+ unique solved turns, rivers, and flops.


The best part about the trainer is that players get live feedback. The feedback is calculated after assessing the play, and it accounts for the Played Percentage and EV loss. The plays are then compared against the GTP strategies to provide viable results.


To access the full selection of the platform, players need to become LearnWPT members. There is also free trainer access when it comes to the “hands of the week” section. Players can use the articles to practice new strategies and get better at poker.

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