Getting Started with Ripple Gambling

Introduction to Gambling

No matter what investors think about Ripple, XRP has successfully become one of the popular cryptocurrencies which has a strong supporter base. It is a private fintech corporation which came into existence in the year 2012. Ripple has its own payment network known as RippleNet along with XRP as its currency. RippleNet helps in offering fast as well as cheaper transactions. In this article we will come to know how it can efficiently be used in gambling sites.

What Is Ripple Gambling?

Ripple was introduced by a private fintech company as a payment solution by using RippleNet in 2012. But it has been widely used by betting and gambling websites as compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. The main reason behind its popularity is it is not decentralized.

Working of Ripple Gambling

Ripple gambling is famous in the US. Ripple’s XRP token provides the players with lots of betting opportunities. They bet and gamble at the best ripple gambling site for receiving faster payments at affordable costs. This is why Ripple is a common choice for casino lovers when it comes to gambling and betting online.

Pros and Cons of Ripple Gambling

Pros of Ripple gambling

Affordable Fees

Many people have a misconception that faster transactions needs huge fees. But the case is totally opposite in Ripple. You only have to pay a small percentage of your earnings for the Ripple transactions while withdrawing or depositing money at XRP gambling sites.

Faster Transactions

The gambling sites which accept XRP and use the Ripple payment network experience the faster transactions. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to provide justification for any of your activities, irrespective of how heavy your transactions are.

Zero geographic restrictions

The primary goal of Ripple is to become a globally accepted digital currency. For instance the players can send dollars through XRP to their friends in China and they can instantly receive the same in Renmimbi. This is the biggest ever advantage of any cryptocurrency. So users mostly opt for those sites which accept XRP.

Option for Live Betting

XRP gambling is widely adopted for live betting. As this currency has the advantage of faster transactions, the players can fund their wallet for live matches within a few seconds.

Option for Mobile Gambling

Most of the players prefer mobile gambling. This is because it makes it easier for them to manage the betting in few clicks. As Ripple gambling has an option of mobile gambling, you can deposit fund in the mobile betting account with XRP. Not only this but also the the users get the access on all their digital coins.

Cons of Ripple Gambling

It is not decentralized

The players have to search a lot to find betting sites which offer Ripple XRP as a mode of payment. This means that the gambling industry should work on to make improvements in terms of the the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Price of XRP is Volatile

The price of Ripple XRP is extremely volatile and keeps on fluctuating which adds an risk to your wallet. Many players avoid taking this risk as they don’t like to evaporate all their gains.

Only Techie can use Crypto

It is the most obvious point that you have to know some technical know-how to explore the profits and losses of cryptos. The same thing applies to Ripple as well. You should have some knowledge to use Ripple betting sites.

Future Growth of Gambling with Ripple

If online casinos were to be graded, the ones at the top would all be considered fair to their customers. Proving this may not be as simple as it seems, but given that there are few areas in which Ripple gambling is permitted, it is safe to assume that while players benefit, so do casinos, and that this is a condition that can only be sustained by a high level of fairness as well as trustworthiness.


As already mentioned above, with lots of cryptocurrencies present as the modes of payment, XRP featured with fast and gambling friendly characteristics is widely accepted. We hope that this article was helpful to you.

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