APT Philippines Tour Cancelled Due to COVID-19

In the event of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the APT Philippines event has been canceled. It is sad news for all the fans of this game who were eagerly awaiting it.

The Asian Poker Tour series of poker events was started in 2008 in the Philippines. In 2012, APT came up with the concept of the player of the year. To be granted this award, an account is taken of a player’s performance all around the year. The winner of this award gets the 8,000 USD in buying in whatever APT Asian series main event is chosen by him and in other events of APT Series. The second and third winners get a seat in the Main Event of the PT tournament equivalent to 2,700 USD. The third winner gets a place in the main event of the APT Asian series equal to 1,100 USD. This way, these winners get to participate in APT Events free of cost.

Since APT was started, its tournaments have been held in all the major Asian-pacific countries of Cambodia, Macau, Philippines, South Korea, London, India, Australia, Vietnam, and New Caledonia. All these events have been quite successful and in totality, 30 million USD has been raised as prize money.

The APT tours include various variants of Texas Holdem Poker. This game includes two cards distributed to each player and five community cards shown to him. The player has to arrive at a formidable combination of five cards for him to win.

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