Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Baccarat


Baccarat is one of the simplest, oldest and most famous casino games of all time. The main reason behind its popularity is the simplicity of its working algorithm. It has the lowest house edges compared to all other casino games. Due to the increase in online casinos, Baccarat has become a significant crypto gambling sport for gamblers worldwide. The rise in the fame of Bitcoin has also given the punters an extra chance to increase their digital bankrolls by indulging in this fascinating game. Along with significant advantages, it has some disadvantages also; all of these will be discussed in this article. 

What Is Bitcoin Baccarat and How Does it work? 

Baccarat is a casino game where players compare cards, and it is played between the player and the banker. There are three fixed possible outcomes: Player, Banker, and Tie. The primary difference between traditional baccarat and Bitcoin Baccarat is that the players wager on Bitcoin instead of regular money. Depending on the place its being played, sometimes it is also referred to as Punto Banca.


Bitcoin Baccarat sites offer games of pure chance with a lot of anticipation. The game is relatively easy and slow-paced, and the players do not need a hardcore strategy to be a winner. This feature, along with huge rewards, makes it an attractive choice for new players trying their hand at crypto gambling. It is a game of predicting whether the player’s hand is dealt or banker’s. The winner needs to have the highest score out of possible nine points. Traditionally, the game was famous among aristocrats and merchants, but nowadays, one can simply open a browser to play online baccarat with a live dealer anywhere. 

Advantages of Bitcoin Baccarat

  • Easy to understand: The players can master Bitcoin Baccarat only in a couple of minutes as the game is quite simple and doesn’t need any professional skills.
  • Anonymity: The players can maintain their anonymity and play from anywhere in the world. 
  • Instant transactions: The settlement time for transactions is almost instantaneous.
  • Fair Games: Random Number Generator (RNG) software selects the cards randomly and maintains the transparency of the game. 
  • Lower fees: Transactions made using cryptocurrencies do not attract the exact high fee charges as conventional currencies do. 
  • Lowest house edge: Baccarat has the lowest house edge compared to other casino games implying that the players have more chances of winning this game, and even if they lose, the loss would be less than other games. 
  • Attractive welcome bonuses: Various online casinos offer huge sign-up bonuses and promotional offers to new and loyal customers. 

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Baccarat

  • Legality: The players may face legal issues as Bitcoin is still not legal in many countries.
  • Stability: Due to its unregulated nature, BTC is not considered stable, and its price fluctuates too much
  • Not easy to use: Using crypto or Bitcoin can be challenging to understand for the first time.
  • No Authority: Bitcoin operates on a decentralized level, so there isn’t any regulatory authority.
  • Lower payouts than other slots: The payouts are not as high as other slots. 
  • Not much action:  The game gets boring after a while as there is not much to do except predict. 

Important Tips of Bitcoin Baccarat

  • Before indulging in the game, one should equip themselves with winning strategies and tips to grasp the game. 
  • Before starting playing the game, the players should know their limits. As it is a game of luck, one should know when to quit.
  • Another essential tip for new players is that one should never wager on a Tie while playing Baccarat, as the odds are very high in this prediction.
  • The safest bets are to place a wager on the Banker as the house edge is lowest in this game compared to the other two.
  • To familiarize themselves with the game, one should practice playing Baccarat first without using any real money.      

Rules of Playing BTC Baccarat

The game’s primary goal is to win a hand at or near to 9 as much as possible. In the beginning, two cards will be dealt to each player. Then, point totals will be calculated. The face value of cards from 2-9 remains the same while face cards and 10s get the value of zero. Ace cards have a value of 1 point. If a player receives the cards with a total of 8 or 9, it is considered”Natural.” After getting a “Natural,” no extra cards are withdrawn.


Only one digit will be considered if the player gets a two-digit number score while counting the final score. If the total value stands above 5, the player will stand; if not, they will draw another card before the last count.


After the player’s turn is over, the dealer will act. If the player’s points are above 5, the Banker will stand on any value higher than five and will have to draw on everything else. In case the player draws a third card, the banker’s draw will be based on the third card’s value. 

Bottom Line

Finally, we can conclude that Bitcoin Baccarat is a game of pure luck, and this same feature makes it hard for one to come up with a full-proof winning strategy. Thankfully, there are some ways through which one can widen their chances of winning and limiting the losses. Hence, one should better start betting to pile up the winnings and increase their haul of Bitcoin.

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