888 Releases Eight-Step Strategy for Responsible Gaming

The gambling sector is gaining global adoption, but it may also lead to irresponsible gaming. That is why leading gambling operator 888 Holdings released an eight-step strategy to practice moderate gaming.


The company designed its strategy as per its core business objectives. The company reported over 272.5 million dollars in the first quarter of the year, showing its prevalence over the market. The initial two parts of the strategy involve 888’s commitment towards harm prevention and accountability. 


The UK-based gaming business released an official statement saying that the company is ready to change itself from within. Developing an environment with responsibility, ensuring transparency and safety in the gambling sector is 888’s priority. The operator is also searching for those at harm’s risk to support them as soon as possible.


888 added that improving standards in terms of treatment, education, and research are the fundamentals of its strategy’s fourth stage. The company is ready to collaborate with capable stakeholders to build high industry standards and a shared knowledge base to promote safe gambling.


The company is committed to finding the best investment opportunities to tackle gambling harm and prevent it. The fifth stage of the strategy involves offering transparent access related to users’ gambling activity. 


As per 888, every customer asks for intuitive, simple, and quick methods to monitor their real-time progress. Therefore, the sixth commitment revolves around moderating customers and finding the safest gambling solutions.


The operator is looking to promote responsible gambling behavior as the seventh commitment. 888 will accomplish it by offering encouragement, education, and information about gambling safety.


The eighth section of the strategy has the company looking for long-term market survival and growth. The 888 team is committed to constantly improve and build an in-depth understanding of factors leading to gambling harm and how to prevent them. Using the approach, the company plans to bring a positive change.


As per rumors, it was Itai Pazner (888’s CEO), Vaughan Lewis (888’s CSO), and Yariv Dafna (888’s CFO) who articulated the eight-part strategy. Lord Jon Mendelsohn (888’s Chairman) also aided the three to create the strategy.


Elad Nir (888poker’s Head and 888’s Vice President of Marketing) conducted an exclusive interview with the Poker Industry in November. Elad mentioned that 888’s responsible gambling mechanism uses artificial intelligence to protect users and maintain fair play. The company is always trying to improve the algorithm and intervene in case of unusual activities.


Nir added that 888 had assigned a qualified team to monitor the process. The support executives interact with the players to ensure everything is under moderation. The company is always searching for advanced ways to prevent any harm related to gambling. After 2020, 888 has increased its gambling safety-related talks with customers by more than two times.


Given 888’s stature in the global gambling industry, their stand against irresponsible gambling behavior speaks volumes. 


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